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Integrated Massage Therapy provides transformational and healing approaches to eliminate the causes of tension and provide you with the best value for your health investment.  When you experience deep relaxation your whole body and mind work better.


Customized sessions just for you





- because it's naturally good for you.


       For over 35 years I have studied numerous approaches to healing and facilitating strength, comfort and wellness.  Nothing quite compares to Touch For Health energy kinesiology to quickily and effectively improve posture, comfort, balance, strength and mental clarity in a completely personalized way for each individual because it is based on the free flow of energy through your entire system. Whether integrated into your massage session or as a stand alone session, often times kinesiology balancing techniques are the keys to unlocking the imbalance in your system.

        As a Touch For Health Instructor/Consultant certified by the International Kinesiology College  I also love teaching others the Science and Art of Energy Kinesiology.

 You too can learn Touch for Health Classes -  whether you are a professional who wants to incorporate TFH into your practice or a health minded person who would like to learn these tools to benefit the health and wellbeing of your own family and friends. 

CEUS are available for massage therapists, acupuncturists, personal trainers and nurses.


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       Integrative Massage Therapy - Customized for you 

Hypnosis - Helping everyday people with everyday problems. Relaxing and life empowering. 

*Life/Goal Balancing to help you align with your goals on all levels which relies on your own inner wisdom

All Help you to maintain and improve your wellness.

*Infrared Sauna  for detoxification

*Wellness Classes for Stress Reduction and Wellness Enhancement

Enlightening and Enjoyable

 At Tolland Therapeutic Massage and Integrated Wellness your wellness is important. The desire is to help you to a healthy, strong, energetic body and a calm, centered mind and a peaceful spirit.

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Wellness Classes
Touch for Health Levels 1-4,
 21 Ways to Reduce Stress,
Introduction to Ayurveda
Perfect Health,
Infant Massage
Hypnosis Weight Reduction Workshops
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 Committed to continuously expand knowledge and skills to serve you.  
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Life/Goal Balancing
  Would you like to change habits and reach your important goals easier than you ever thought possible?  Often it's just a matter of rebalancing neurological disorganization through specific reflex testing and balancing. Ask about the Life/Goal Balancing Program.  A variety of Wellness Classes offer you the opportunity to learn to enhance your own health on a daily basis. 
For bodywork - A GOOD WAY TO BEGIN is to schedule a 60 or 90 minute massage or a stand alone "Touch for Health Kinesiology Balance"  session to balance energy for greater comfort and wellness, postural balance and mental clarity. 
You'll be glad you did (everyone tells us this!)